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Ultimate Eyewear Solution Provider

We carry a wide variety of top brands specialized optical instruments including :

DIA Lens Edging Solution (Japan) 

Estiblished in 1958, It is one of the pioneer of len finishing solution provider from Japan. It has developed wide range state of the art instruments such as:

  • DIA 900/950 3-D Computerised Len Edging solution
  • DIA DM-50 - Multi purposes Rimless Drill Solution
  • DIA AG-5 - Lens Groover
  • DIA Hand Edgers
  • DIA Frame Heater
  • DIA AP-2 Len Polisher

For more details, please visit: http://www.dia-optical.com/

UNICOS Ophthalmic Instrument

It was developed by an innovative Korean Health solution company launched in 2002 and quickly become one of the major brand in the market.

URK-700 - AutoRefractometer/Kerometer
UDR-700 - Digitised Refracter
ACP-700 - Projector

For more details, please visit:http://www.e-unicos.com/index.html

MAGNON instrument ( Japan)

  • Trial Frame
  • Trial Len Set
  • Stand & Chair
  • Slit Lamp

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