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Yick Kwong Optical Company Limited is one of the most renowned and established professional eye care suppliers within the realm of the burgeoning Asia Pacific region. The company was founded by well respected industry veteran Richard Lau in 1963 who started Yick Kwong's humble beginnings in eye care retail in the high streets of Hong Kong. The company soon flourished before turning its strategic focus and direction of business to distribution as Yick Kwong grew.
Instead of resting on its laurels, Yick Kwong realized in order to further its success it had to set itself apart and above its competition by providing a product and service offering that is truly unique.  In doing so, Yick Kwong dwelled all its energy and investments into building the region's first “Under One Roof” concept and business platform in delivering to its corporate mission of “providing the most professional and comprehensive range of products and services in the area of modern eye care”. That essentially set the tone and the foundation of the company in the way it is structured today where 3 very focused and well defined strategic product pillars were established and they are : fashion optical frames, optical instruments and optical lenses.


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