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 Retail Professional Eye Care Services

We have a full team of certified optometrists, each with no less than 20 years of experience based in our retail premise. They provide a comprehensive range of eye care services including :

  • In-depth eye examination
  • Frame fitting and adjustment
  • Contact lenses fitting and adjustment
  • Frame & lenses repair services

 To add, Yick Kwong is one of the very few optical shops in Hong Kong that is equipped with its own on-site laboratory. This is a true luxury for most other optical set-ups in the market as it requires major investments. But, on the contrary we see it as very much essential in our constant pursuit of excellence in providing the most professional eye care services to our customers. In our laboratory, we have the latest computerized lens edging system manned by our own experienced and qualified technicians who can also offer emergency repair services to your lenses as well as frames. With such an arsenal of equipment at our disposal, we are proud to say we are able to provide finished prescribed spectacles within the mere space of an hour to further enhance our service efficiency and thus convenience to our customers.



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