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OEM Services

In addition to producing our own frames, we also design and manufacture an endless array of high quality fashion frames for other optical brand customers from all over Asia Pacific. In short, we provide 2 key services :

Be it in terms of original conceptual designs to translating your existing ex-optical brands’ essence and look and feel into your own optical frames, we have a full team of creative talents in our own in-house design unit to put pen to paper in delivering the most striking and attractive designs to meet your requirements.
On the other hand, if you already have your own finished designs and want to turn them into reality, we have one of the most sophisticated computer softwares and state-of-the- art wire-cutting machinery exist today in our tooling department to carve out your prototypes in the most meticulous, precise and professional manner no matter the complexity of your designs.
When it comes to manufacturing, it is our endeavour to continuously ascertain and experiment with the very latest in production technologies and materials on offer. Just to cite an example, we utilize a diverse range of materials for our frames, for metals from the more common stainless steel, aluminium to the latest monel, titanium, beta titan and memory titan as well as acetate, injected nylon and injected polyamides for plastics.
Furthermore, our partner factories hold the most pristine track record in always delivering our orders in the highest of quality and in the most timely fashion. This is no small feat as such reliability and trust can only be made possible as we cooperate and build our seamless partnership through time in a period of over 40 years.


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